November 26, 2010

Rainbow Dragon Cake of Awesome

For two of my friends' 25th we decided to throw an early Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate, and one of the food items I elected to bring was a birthday cake. They didn't know what kind of cake, and one of them spent nearly every day persuading me to make whatever outlandish cake he felt like having at that moment.

In the end, I decided on this beauty:

Well, that's not exactly how it looked at the end (I added some pirate action figures and a large gummi alligator for good measure), the castle may have been more leany-- but that's basically it.

Oh yeah, I did mention it was a RAINBOW cake...

November 15, 2010

Where MMOmbies eat me alive.

League of Legends. This game is soul sucking.

It's free. It's basically PvP with some tower defense thrown in for good measure. And it looks nice.

If you're waiting for the catch, the catch is that it rotates it's free characters to play every week. In order to keep a character permanently, you need to buy them. BUT you can buy them earning in game currency, which is done by completing a round. I easily bought my beautiful 3150 point Morgana in about a week.

That means I probably don't have a life. Whatever.

I was introduced to this lovely time wasting game by vigorous screaming and hooting by several of my friends hunched around computering devices, the glow of screens illuminating their pale complexions. Of course, some of these feral noises transpired through Skype. It was quite the experience, listening to in game taunting and bright flashes of light as nerds screeched over the sound of their champions dying.

I just knew I had to play this game.

The downside to being the girl who doesn't care about winning playing with boys who only care about winning is that it's hard to find time to play with them, namely because I'm a handicap to their winning. My 11/0/17 score tells them to suck it. Because I scored that, I think this game certainly has a champion for every playing type, I know I certainly found mind (super grieving mage ftw).

The down side to LoL? I've been reduced to WoW type rambling, and it feels so dirty. I avoided WoW, mostly because I'm cheap, and maybe I'm a bit of a snob since, you know, WoW is the ruiner of lives and such. Almost like how New Super Mario Bros. is the leading cause of divorce.

October 23, 2010

You would be funny if you lit yourself on fire.

This seems to happen quite a bit to people in service jobs, so I'm just going to lay it out here in my blog, because I can. Because I'm annoyed and uncomfortable, and pissed off that customers think it's some kind of game to see how uncomfortable they can make me since they know I'm not allowed to be less than polite.

MY JOB IS NOT A GAME, and I don't appreciate you treating it as if it's a joke. As if I don't need it to live, so if I blow up at you due to your inappropriate behavior, I will be punished for it and not you. And you think that's so funny.

Your jokes at my expense are not: Cute, clever, interesting, and will never be funny. Ever. They certainly make you an asshole, though.

And it certianly isn't MY FAULT that you now feel uncomfortable and like a jackass when I don't laugh at you MOCKING ME.

There are appropriate ways to interact with people in customer service, insinuating that they are somehow stupid in any way for performing their job, asking them uncomfortable questions, and ridiculing them for taking their job seriously IS NOT appropriate. If you're competent enough to understand what you're doing is rude, and I know you do as you and your little friends are giggling, why don't you understand that it makes you worse then all the stupid customers we get combined? Because we know you know better, and it makes it just that much more frustrating and potentially ruins our day.

Thanks for that, really, I hope you're pleased with yourself. I'm sure you absolutely LOVE IT when someone comes in and makes your work day just that more difficult because they think it's funny.

October 18, 2010

It's a women's world.

Shape What’s to Come. For You. For Your Community. For the World.

It's a website dedicated to the growth, mentorship, and companionship of women reaching out to the world through creativity and social change. It's created and sponsored by Levi's, so yeah, there's some executive meddling there, but the idea and prospect is just too awesome for me to pass up. I've always wanted to do bigger things, creative things, and make my little imprint in this world and be more involved.

So I'm going to try this and NaNo, and probably whine all about how I fail in here, but that's just how it goes, right?

Step one will be excuted soon, hopefuly not never. I just hope Step Four doesn't take too long.

October 17, 2010

Cookies for Breakfast

My twin told me I have the worst eating habits and that my cravings are weird. Weird, but delicious. She recently spent some time explaining to her step brother why Flaming Hot Cheetos need to be eaten with pieces of bagel (a staple of my high school diet), to which he earnestly replied, "Uhh...why not just eat the Cheetos without the bagel...?"

She very matter of factly told him, channeling my fourteen year old self, "Wrapping the bagel around the Cheeto keeps it from turning your fingers red."

It also deadens the intensity of the heat, but for some reason that seems much less reasonable than the Red Finger argument.

I also love spaghetti sandwiches, it's basically just like eating spaghetti anyway, only the pasta is wedged between two slices of bread (bonus points if it's garlic) instead of being garnished with bread. I put brown sugar in my chili, lessen the amount of butter in my chocolate chip cookies so they have the consistency of cake, and will only eat eggs with Tabasco and ketchup. I like bacon on maple bars (actually, I just like bacon, period), syrup on my eggs if I'm eating them with pancakes, and usually cook stuffing with some kind of fruit, dried or fresh (my favorite is fresh nectarines). Speaking of fruit, I love pineapple on my peperoni pizza, screw Canadian bacon!

And right now I'm eating cookies for breakfast.

I've also craved all of the following at the same time: phad thai, pho, fried rice, top ramen, Indian food, garlic fries, Tim's jalapeno potato chips, and cheese.

I mentioned that list on my Facebook once, and I got several replies asking how my pregnancy is going. It's been over a year now and I think it's still going well. I plan on birthing Unicorn Raptor sometime in the near future, already have his room set up and everything.

For years I didn't think I ate very differently from everyone else, and I've often accused others of eating outlandish concoctions. It wasn't until I moved to Seattle and made friends with people who were not used to my eating habits at all did I finally realize that I eat odd things (mainly because they made it a point to yell about it every time it happened). I also realized that I don't eat very differently from everyone else considering that we all eat something (or several things) odd.

Just don't bring shrimp chips when you go fishing, okay? Your white friends won't appreciate the fishy waft coming from your bag and not at the end of their fishing line.

October 12, 2010

Femininty in Pistol Whipping

In Gamer Informer's October issue, they told a girl the only reason why she was being heckled by male players was because she was good at the game being played, and that anyone who outperforms assholes will be harassed by assholes. They completely bypassed the first 2/3 of the letter where the girl described that she was being jeered for being a girl, and then it worsens once the guys learned she could actually play. Since I'm so pleased as to how GI conveniently overlooked basically her entire letter, I thought it was due time to blog about the supposed conundrum of being a nerd and being a girl. Or, how nerds treat girl nerds.

Though, I'll come out and say it, FPSes are a special kind of brofestering pool since games such as Halo certainly aren't nerd exclusive. In fact, the intended audience is MALE MALE MALE MALE. It's only recently that I feel developers have realized that, oh yeah, girls like to play these testosterone driven experiences, too, and try to incorporate female characters for women to identify with. Metroid being an exception here, as Samus as a woman has become more prevalent over the years instead of Samus as a robot that, omg, flashes a bikini at the end.

There's a lot more I want to say about female characters in video games, a lot that I probably should say, but we're talking about how guys ask me to be their baby mama over XBOX Live, right?

I'll be honest, there have been times when my high pitched, girlish voice has caused several interesting experiences based solely on my gender. Yes, I have been asked to be a guy's baby mama. I received a torrent of messages from a user asking about boobies. However, being honest again, the percentage of this occurrence is low. I've spoken to, gamed with for long intervals, and friended for future gaming excursions several males who have been nothing but awesome. Conversely, it's my own friends that take potshots at my gender while gaming.

Am I saying this girl who wrote into GI is lying? Certainly not. I also believe the game being played creates an entire different atmosphere when it comes to interactions. Personally, I find it really hard to take anyone seriously while running around in giant purple armor fitted for a woman who has birthed an entire nation of children trying to shoot down terrified grunts billowing green gasses. Halo is just that kind of a game, intense, but laid back. Medal of Honor? Gears of War? Well, I find it funny how seriously those games and gamers take themselves, so perhaps I'm not the best person to pass judgment here.

Admittingly, I'm not very good at FPSes. I think I'm passable depending on the nature of the match. I'm not very good at platformers, either, and action platformers usually frustrate me endlessly. My friend told me I epitomized the reasons why gamers hate the new generation, and all I could think of was, "Gamers hate people who have fun?" I pick games I have the most fun, and usually these are types of games I find most playable for my abilities. I think it's a bit elitist and ignorant to assume that FPSes and action platformers are the only genres in which Real Games are produced, and that you're not a Real Gamer unless you play them, and often they like to cite my gender as reasons for my apparent deficiency.

Also, how did I miss the oldbie bus? I remember playing Super Mario and blowing on cartridges and that stupid laughing dog.

I want to note here that I find it interesting that I'm ridiculed for my playing habits while they completely cream themselves at the idea of their girlfriend even holding a controller with the intention of play and not trying to organize it with the rest of the living room they had just finished cleaning. That girlfriend will continued to be pampered and loved for rolling a Katamari into a wall while I'll be ridiculed for finishing the roses level because that should be time spent playing a Real Game.

I play tacticals and RPGs. My favorite series is Fire Emblem and my favorite RPGs are Tales of Symphonia, Chrono Trigger, and Earthbound. I love puzzle games (I'm currently beating people in the face with my level 16 in Tetris Battle over on Facebook), racing, and fighting as long as I don't have to string together complex button incantations. Why yes, I do play Smash Brothers, and yes, I do button mash the hell out of any Mortal Kombat type game. There's something about the intensity of a game that directly correlates with my ability to process anything more than KIIILL. And I mean more of an instant intensity, real time. Tacticals can create the biggest headache and strain known to man, but trying to remember how Ivy unlinks her sword into a chain while being beaten savagely in the face with Nightmare's nightmare sword? Uuugh.

Interestingly enough, this makes me exceptionally good at games like Hulk Ultimate Smash where you focus on one singular goal. My boyfriend at the time was so concerned about how to gain the most points that he was easily out smashed by me who decided everything was my enemy and it all equally deserved to be beaten into nothing.

I guess what I'm really trying to get at here is that gaming is supposed to be fun, not about winning or being the best. And while winning and being the best is certainly enjoyable, and that may be the only way YOU enjoy gaming, that shouldn't prevent others from enjoying video games in a different way. If you have fun creating complex love lives for your Sims, shooting people with bullets, or finding that last item to finish your collection; whatever it is that makes you happy, that makes this game fun and worth you time, that's all that matters. That isn't a weakness or a problem with gamers today, and that certainly isn't one that directly correlates to gender.

September 15, 2010

Halo: Reach - a brief review.

Resurfacing from my fragging daze to report that no one ever wants to capture the damn flag when there's tanks!

Well, except for this one person, and my team promptly obliterated him into tiny tank and banshee fodder. LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU, FOOL.

I cackled like a mad woman as I circled the opposing base with my tank, setting it ablaze like a Christmas tree gone horribly wrong. Best five minutes of my day.

September 13, 2010

Reaching for $20

I'm fairly certain you can still preorder Halo: Reach from Amazon and get the $20 off your next game purchase promo. Do I need to mention this is a sweet deal, especially with Kirby's Epic Yarn coming out in a month? No, I don't.

But it is a sweet deal.

Plus the promo for Amazon Prime is going on. One month free trail for unlimited free 2 day shipping (1 year free trail if you're on Amazon Student).

And because I can, in other gamer related news I finally finished Tales of Vesperia and love making Karol dress as a stupid looking frog. Also that Rita set his head on fire. I also played so much poker that I have some really nice 10% TP and HP recovery bracelets for Yuri and Judith and finally have the damn sword with Glory. Labyrinth of Memories is going to be so much fun.


September 8, 2010

PAX Prime 2010 - The Finer Points

Yes, I most certainly went to PAX Prime this last weekend and slept very little, but had a damn good time. Normally I'd write some kind of wrap up entry with pictures, videos, and so forth, but if you haven't found them already, chances are you'll never find them here as I've resigned to the fact that my blog isn't popular outside of in my mind. I did want to hit a few key points, though.

-Paul and Storm are still amazing. I'm still baffled as to why they're stuck as an "opening band" as they easily steal the show and make it so very hard for Jonathan Coulton to meet and exceed their energy and stage presence. Did I mention they're amazing? Because they're amazing.

-Kirby's Epic Yarn is also amazing. It's super fun and it really is amazing graphically. I'm not sure if it was just the setup at the Nintendo booth, but you'd never know that it was playing on a system notorious for low graphic capabilities. The image was sharp, smooth, and not a hint of pixel in sight. My friends and I were comparing this with Metroid M that was released recently, and while we agree that Metroid M is certainly towards the end of nice looking Wii games, Kirby's Epic Yarn is miles above it. Frankly, it's miles above anything I've seen on the Wii.

Okay, okay, graphics aren't that important, the gameplay is nice and a lot of fun, and just the fact that it has comparable graphics to 360 and PS3 titles just makes it a delicious little addition to my Wii library. It has collecting aspect to the gameplay, and anyone who has seen me play a Lego game knows I LOVE collecting crap.

-Raskulls is super fun. I played it a few times since it was usually fairly quiet around their booth, which is unfortunate because it really is a very fun multiplayer game. I highly suggest checking it out when it's released this month. One of the developers mentioned it was to come out this week? I haven't seen it on there yet, so who knows. It's a very colorful platformer that has a lot of Mr. Driller type of gameplay incorporated in to it. God do I love Mr. Driller.

-I've been playing Lego Universe Beta lately. So far it's fun, not quite what I was expecting, and really capitalizes on my adoration of Lego games.

-A word of advice to panelists, I didn't wait in line for an hour to listen to you, uhhhhm, verbalize, uhhhm, trying to think, uhhhm. I'm looking at you, Bungie.

-A big thumbs up to putting Magic cards in the swag bags. They came in handy quite a bit. I have the red goblin deck that I could never get to start very fast, but oh well.

-It is really not a good idea to rent a venue several blocks away from the main convention site. Many people who attended PAX may not know this, but the Symphony hall is basically two station stops away from the convention center using the bus tunnel. When the city of Seattle decides that the transit system needs two stops between the convention center and Benaroya Hall (on it's 5 stop tunnel system that covers 3 neighborhoods), that may be an indication that the venue is too far away. It isn't so much a having to walk issue, but more that it's time wasted in transit. Plus space is rather limited in comparison to last year, and that's always disappointing since the larger events were held at that hall this year.

-It is very important that YOU BATHE PROPERLY. WITH SOAP. AND WEAR DEODORANT. I know that in these very hard and financially trying times of the recession that it's difficult to justify spending good money on soap, money that could be spent on a rare DND figure, but I hate you. I also hate you if you're expending bodily gases in the Expo hall and on the escalators and stairwells. There's a reason why they gave us shampoo in our swag bags this year, MMKAY?

-I hope Double Rainbow never goes away.

August 22, 2010

It's morphin' time!

I'm fairly honest about the fact that I love the Power Rangers. I say honest because I don't deny it, but only fairly because I'll never tell if no one asks. Considering that I'm 24, I feel that's a good policy to live by. Anyway, I decided to share this little tidbit about myself because I recently came across Linkara's wonderful season by season video review of the series. He has them indexed on That Guy With the Glasses and the latest review, which is for Time Force, is currently up on his blog.

I also decided to share said tidbit since I have yet to give out any concrete information about my identity, so my shame is safely untapped. :D Also because I wanted to share that I bought an action figure of Zordon. Yes, there is an action figure of a FLOATING HEAD. And maybe also because I feel compelled to write an entry some day geeking out about colored spandex.

Since I'm on the subject of super heroes, I want to give a shout out to two fairly well known websites, so my shout outs are probably unnecessary, but it's my blog so whatever. Project Rooftop (a spoof on Project Runway, which is how I found said blog as I love PR) focuses on super hero fashion and Girl Wonder concerns feminism in comics. I rather enjoyed their website dedicated to Super Girl.

August 13, 2010

It was either a falling meteorite or a falling plane.

I'm going to break my habit of not blogging by blogging.

I've never seen a shooting star before. Ever. I've seen many a plane and satellites which I was convinced as a child was proof of a hostile alien takeover in the immanent future (I also believed all mountains were just dinosaurs covered with lots of dirt waiting to be reawakened from their centuries long slumber). Perhaps my friend is proof of some sort of clairvoyance as I found him at my apartment door not long after 10pm demanding I step into the car for an "adventure."

Well, after he used my computer to look up directions for the adventure. Directions we lost ten minutes into the adventure and still haven't been able to locate (he's convinced they're firmly stuck to my rear while I think his pocket ate them). We eventually found ourselves at Cougar Mountain which reminded me quite a bit of my hometown. So much in fact that the minute I stepped out of the car my small town girl instincts took over and asked the city boy if he had brought a flashlight.

City boy then asked me if I had brought a flashlight.

Let me tell you, three years of living in Seattle and using a DS as a reputable light source during power outages and general activity lulls has negated one's need of flashlights. While city boy certainly loves being in nature more than I do and has probably interacted with it more in the last three years than I have, I think it goes without saying that he did not, indeed, bring a flashlight.

Nor a blanket or something to place under our heads while laying across some very comfortable dirt and dry plant life.

So we trekked the dirt road to the top of Cougar Mountain with cell phones and a very dubious flashlight glare from a couple trailing behind us that decided to follow us up (if anything set off my serial killer horror movie alarms, this would be it) until we reached the anti-air zone. Sprawled on our backs becoming friends with the dirt, we watched the night sky, nearly as dark as it is back in my hometown since we were away from Seattle proper. He found a shooting star rather quickly. I found airplanes and more satellites.

Eventually, though, a slow trickle of dying meteors streaked through the skies. I think he was expecting something bigger, and I would have liked seeing a bit more of them myself, but I was satisfied with one. Happily content with two. And exponentially increasing as I began to see more shooting stars than airplanes as the night progressed.

To everyone out there looking up at the sky, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Also, beware of the aliens.

July 17, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 18: Your pick!

Alright, since this is a My Choice for Great Justice day, I decided to write about Inception, the latest summer thriller everyone has been buzzing about this week-- and for good reason. It was a great watch. I went to the 1am IMAX showing at Northgate last night (prefunked with some delicious Beth's) and was so glad I did.
Non-spoilerly bits:

-The movie is labeled as a thriller/mystery/mind bender-- it isn't. Unless you aren't paying attention, which you should as it's that kind of movie, everything is neatly explained in a very forward manner, and this continues throughout the rest of the movie until the heist aspect of the movie begins. This certainly isn't a bad thing, not at all, because the story was so strong that I didn't care about the predictability of it. It's refreshing to watch such a movie that doesn't rely on plot twists to be engaging, but on what matters most, the characters and the story.

-Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my new favorite thing. Like any squeeful woman, I went on whims placing Chris Pine and Ryan Reynolds in the same category shortly after Star Trek and X-Men: Wolverine came out, but JGL is different. Okay, yeah, I do find him ridiculously cute, but guy can act. I knew this beforehand, but this was the first time I've seen him portray a character that wasn't quirky, or boyish, or any other label currently reserved for Michael Cerra. No, this JGL is a kick ass man. Like Crispin Glover, but with an All-American boyish look than makes him an unassuming threat upon first appearance.

If JGL has anything near resembling Arthur's sense of humor and bit of suavity, you can come invade my dreams any night!

-This isn't directly related to the movie itself, but all the previews attached to my showing were awesome. HP7, I'M TOTES EXCITED FOR YOU.

Spoilerly bits:

June 21, 2010

30 Days: Day 17 - An art piece.

I totally did not ignore my blog for several days on end. Nope. I really did post this the day after day 16, promise. I mean, would I lie to you, dear internet? Would I be stingy with my oh so Very Important blog posts? Only Asians are stingy and I clearly am not an-- oh wait, yes I am. MOVING ON.

I thought about doing something sarcastic, tongue in cheek, a joke...something clever. But I decided to go against that because I have this blog, see, this other blog that I sometimes devote attention to but mostly ignore like a red headed step child. Actually, I adore red heads, so maybe an Asian step child. We don't need love since we don't have souls.

Anyway, I thought I'd go ahead and share my favorite sculpture, something I intended to do over there on that blog, but since I hate it and all, I'll share it here first.

*pets Nerdy Rabbit* Yes, mummy loves you best.

Skipping all the historical blab that you can surely click for yourself, yes, this is basically a statue monumenting a Greek god attempting to rape a feminine figure. Someone will probably ask me to revoke my feminist card for this, but just hear me out. Considering that the subject matter is so old and is a depiction of a myth AND was created in a time where the feminist ideals we hold dear today were hundreds of years away from being conceived, I'm going to give it a pass.

Plus I just think it's kind of hilarious that Apollo's wood is being cock blocked by Daphne turning into wood.

What I love most about this statue is the technical achievements Bernini was able to produce as well as obviously conveying artistry through how fluid the figures are. Normally sculpture tend to be very ridged because, hey, they're made of rock, and rock is hard to work with, and the more straight lines, the better. But Bernini clearly said to hell with that! and made the whole thing move. Move. It's like a Matrix action sequence permanently stuck on pause.

It's hard to see from this photo, but on top of that, Bernini went all balls out in displaying his technical skills. Notice the drapery wallowing around Apollo's midriff, Daphne's turbulent curls, her entire lower body texture as tree bark, and finally, my favorite bit, her fingers turning into leaves. Leaves that were sculpted so thin that light bleeds through, like real leaves.

The Baroque era often has many negative stigmas attributed to it, and some for rather good reasons (it is fairly gaudy as hell, though not quite as bad as Rococo which would probably suit Edward Cullen quite nicely), but it capitalizes on the idea and continuation of depicting realism in artwork that the Renaissance started.

June 12, 2010

30 Days: Day 16 - A song that makes you cry.

I'm supposed to pick a song that makes me cry. Uh...I can think of several songs that hold very strong, sometimes sad memories for me, but I can't think of a single one that has ever moved me enough to cry. God Help the Outcasts was probably the closest I ever got to showing any kind of sadness from a song alone, which wasn't a lot. Disney is probably the best at creating these widely known tearjerker moments, but I tend to think that's actually a meld of song and visuals in order to produce that kind of effect.

I cried at the beginning of Up, but I'm fairly certain that had more to do with watching Carl's life unfold than the soundtrack, which certainly helped, but probably didn't take the cake for why everyone was bawling uncontrollably.

On the other hand, these Disney child stars and the alike make me sad inside. Except Zac Efron, he's way too fabulous for all of that.

June 10, 2010

June 9, 2010

30 Days: Day 14 - A non-fiction book.

I'm going to keep this short and to the point as I think the following speaks for itself.

My favorite non-fiction books are The Zombie Survival Guide and How to Survive a Robot Uprising. It's coming.

June 8, 2010

30 Days: Day 13 - A fictional book.

And now a return to blogging!

A book I finished recently (and I mean that in the loosest terms. I haven't really committed myself to leisurely reading since I received my degree in reading good) was Seeing Redd, the second installment in the Looking Glass Wars trilogy that, last I heard, was in the works of becoming a movie. Which would be rather awesome, I think, because there's lots of room for compelling imagery that feeds off of viewer knowledge since the story of Alice is so well known.

Anyway, the book itself isn't necessarily spectacular and is an easy read. It's predictable, but fun nonetheless. I personally enjoyed some of the feminist undertones in a story that was originally largely about a damsel in distress (for example, Wonderland is ruled by a Queendom and the King of the Baorderlands, Arch, is considered a misogynist idiot). However, I recognize that I love retellings and fantasy, and the book nerd in me squeed all over this series as it have several throwbacks to the original series and incarnations, and the modern fantasy nerd of me loved the Westernized version of a magical girl trope normally associated with Japanese cartoons.

Let me just breakdown the basics.

Alyss Heart is Alice reincarnated, the Princess of Wonderland and wielder of White Magic. She's a bit obnoxious and doesn't really become badass until later, but she's not the real reason most of us are reading. I was pleased that she was depicted as a dark brunette/raven haired as that's generally how Alice is never portrayed. I'm assuming this is a deliberate homage to the Queen of Hearts normally illustrated with dark hair since Alyss represented the Hearts Family out of the four family factions.

The main antagonist is Alyss' aunt, Redd, wielder of Black Magic and basically crazy. She is a mixture of the Red Queen and Queen of Hearts, her image coloring being red (including her hair) and is often yelling for beheadings. She dethrones her sister quite early in the first book, taking over Wonderland while Alyss is in hiding in our world.

Other major characters that are easily recognizable include the very badass Hatter Madigan who serves as Alyss' body guard, Bibwit Harte as the white rabbit and tutor, and The Cat based on the Cheshire Cat and Redd's assassin. Card soldiers return as well, and sport fancy physical updates best illustrated through official art rather than descriptions in the book.

Three books of the series are out, I have yet to read the latest titled Arch Enemy, so I'm hoping it doesn't disappoint.

June 3, 2010

Oops, break.

So today should be day 13 of continuous blogging, but I'm going out of town this weekend to a shoddy computer. I could rectify this by pre-writing all of my entries and just wrestling with the laptop until they post, but I'm going out tonight to celebrate my new job. I can't stress enough how much I need to celebrate.

I know this blog isn't very widely read at all (but to the person linking me from RedvsBlue, ilu, unless you're saying shitty things about me, then I hope you die in a fire), but for those of you who do periodically tune in to see what new asinine thing I'm spewing from my finger tips, know that I'm not dead yet, I'll be back next week.

In the meantime, here is the latest image I drew my friend after I told her I probably won't be able to be her workchat buddy after this month.

And then her little broken cow heart was repackaged into
Big Macs, bringing much joy to the overweight girls and boys.


June 2, 2010

30 Days: Day 12 - Your pick!

Today is another one of those Yay You Pick! days and I'm kind of at a loss of what to write about. Of course, it's really early in the morning when I started writing this and the only things I can think of are completely negative and full of rage, which can be funny, but not something I want to introduce here.

Oh, I know, in the spirit of Conan O'Brein who pleaded with everyone on his last show as the Tonight Show host not to be negative, I'm going to share a YouTube clip of him, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart being completely awesome at one of his performances in New York. So many people have seen this already since it was put up yesterday, and I'm sure those of you here have already seen it, but oh hell, this is my pick day, right?

June 1, 2010

30 Days: Day 11 - A recent photo of yourself.

Now that I'm 24 and done battling evil and stuff, I've become an American pop idol, Cali Sparkles.

Let's go to the Super Wal*Mart everybody!

Robin Sparkles and I used to be real tight in the past. Trufax. But then she moved to New York and I went to Seattle and we've fallen out of touch. Such is the way of life.

May 31, 2010

30 Days: Day 10 - A photo of you taken over ten years ago.

When I was fourteen I was just your normal middle school girl doing middle school things. I collected bunny memorabilia, ate a lot of food, and never studied. Most of the time, though, I just looked hawt in my sailor uniform while singly badly to children's pop songs.

These are not enough foods to sate my appetite!

Then one day it started raining stuffed cats, which was really freaky, but hey! It was a cute stuffed cat! And it seemed nice, so I gave it a pat and left it on a bridge for the homeless to pick up and carry with them. I needed to do my good deed for the week, okay?

Is this edible?

Well, that was a bad idea because clearly Buddah did not intend for the cat to go to the homeless and shot it through my window later that afternoon. I was pretty high at that point, disappointed by another failing grade, so I think that explains why the cat started speaking to me, giving me jewelry and cosmetics. Clearly I didn't steal these things, oh no.

Pink and sparkles makes it better. Like vampires.

I also found out that using these two items together turned me into the pretty super gaijin, Sailor Moon!

Like, in the name of the, like, Moon, I'll, like, super punish you!

Then I went to fight some bad guys, but got really hungry, so I let the creeper in the tuxedo do all the work for me while I fulfilled my munchie needs.

Mmm...looks good enough to eat...

But then I woke up, food littered around me, crumbs dusting my clothes. Was it all a dream? Was it real? I may never know for sure. But the one thing I do know is that every time I light up, I get to save the world one more time.

May 30, 2010

30 Days: Day 9 - A picture you took.

As I've mentioned before, I love taking pictures, so this day is going to be a tad difficult. After mulling through my various photo albums for a bit, I finally settled on this image.

Signed The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade books.

A few months ago Penny Arcade went on a book signing tour across the country, starting in Seattle, of course, in the U District at U Bookstore. I drove over right after work, missing a good portion of their Q&A, but that's okay because I was still in time to wait in line for a while with three very beautiful books.

By the way, if anyone with some power is reading this, I NEED a poster version of the cover, kthnx.

One was for a friend I stilled owed money to from PAX09, and the other for a friend currently stuck in Utah for a few years. Poor dude-- I MEAN. I TOTES BOUGHT THEM BOOKS FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN I'M AWESOME LIKE THAT. BECAUSE I AM AWESOME. Trufax. I don't lie. Only communists lie, and I am not a communist.

May 29, 2010

30 Days: Day 8 - A photo that makes you angry/sad.

Uh...I'm not sure I really like this day. I don't think I want to voluntarily go find a picture that makes me angry, but I suppose I will. For the greater good. Something like that.

Young Anakin

Vanessa Hudgens keeping Zac Efron from his True Gay Self.

Seriously, without her, he could go on to be the next big thing in gay. Look! He's already trying! Poor dear.

Harvesting unicorns for food.


Batman & Robin

May 28, 2010

30 Days: Day 7 - A photo that makes you happy.

I love taking pictures. Mostly stupid pictures, but pictures nonetheless. I have many photos that make me happy, so it's hard for me to pin it down to just I thought I'd post a few of my favorites and why. ENJOY.

BABs meet for the first time for a wedding.

Back in the year 2000 I stumbled upon the Anime Board thanks to one of my friends in middle school. People have this negative notion about online relationships and the people that forge them, and you know, I can't fault them for that. There's a very good reason why that notion exists. Fortunately, my negative experience with online friendships is slim, and this group is a living testament to how online relationship can be real, healthy ones. One of us got married last year, and for the first time in our ten year history, we all met up at the same place and the same time to celebrate.

These people are real and true friends. I have loads of friends here and around Washington that I see and speak to on a regular basis, but the BABs are irreplaceable just like any good friend should be.

Han Solo visits the Bier Stube!

And these are some of my Seattle friends (some of them I went to high school with)! We took Han Solo to a bar! It was one of the best nights ever and I actually made prints of all these images because I loved it so much.

Hanson - The Walk Tour 2008 at The Moore

Yeah, that's Hanson. I'm sure some of you are hitting your back button and intend to never come back here again after finding out I'm a Hanson fan. I'm not going to defend myself because that's silly, everyone is allowed to like what they do (though I do encourage you to listen to their latest single if you like retro pop tunes mixed with a big band sound-- they're not who they used to be), but I will say they've been my favorite band since 1996 and 2008 was the first time I ever got to see them in concert. Ever. It's lame that it took me so long and I hope I get to see them at least one more time, especially since their new album sounds fantastic so far.

May 27, 2010

30 Days: Day 6 - Whatever I want!

Today I get to write about whatever I want, YAY~ Except not really because I have no idea what I really want to use this one precious entry for. I could do something meaningful, like discuss whether or not video games are art per Ebert's declaration that they're not. I could write about how excited I am for PAX. I could give a bad review to Shrek Forever After, or an awesome review for Obasan, a local Japanese restaurant in lower Queen Anne (seriously, awesome). I could talk about my addiction to spider solitaire, why I hate my job, and the stupid things people say to me while at work.

I'd probably lose my job for that, though, so I'll save that for another time.

What I think I'll do, though, is post a series of MS Paint drawings I had done for my friend during our various conversations over GTalk while at work. For context, she's identified as a cow in our group of friends, and I a bunny. It's a long story that's not funny, so I won't waste your time explaining it here, other than the animals are in no way a representation of physical selves or any other part of our character.

I think it also goes without saying that the pictures directly correlate to whatever we were conversing about at the time, and I've put them in chronological order.

May 26, 2010

30 Days: Day 5 - Favorite Quote

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved -- loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. --Victor Hugo

This pretty much sums up how I feel about relationships. I'd expand on that more, but I have an entire separate blog dedicated to just that, so I feel it would be a little redundant to re-emphasize that here.

In the meantime, here is the best quotable story of dumb straight from my life. Just FYI, I'm Korean and adopted.

May 25, 2010

30 Days: Day 4 - Favorite Book

As I told my friend today over Gtalk, today I will not be a child! Sure, I could sit here and blab about Harry Potter, which is one of my favorite book series, but I would mostly be mocking it...which you may or may not find interesting considering that everyone knows about Harry Potter.

Anyway, I'll be brief and say it's Memoirs of a Geisha. Memoirs has it's own set of Very Unique Problems, one of them spurring the misconception of what a mizuage actually is and that legal battle that occurred after the author outed his retire geisha source, who then fell under much scrutiny from her peers as geisha life is one of secrecy. This makes sense as the entire art of geisha is to entertain and appeal (for example, Inara's profession of a Companion in Firefly is based off of geisha). These girls work behind painted faces and beautifully crafted robes with the only intent to serve their patron, not express themselves and their individuality.

You know how they say part of what makes a woman desirable is because of her mystery? How your boyfriend and husbands don't want to know that their girlfriends and wives poop? That's the life of geisha in a nut shell.

Aside from mizuage, the book is reported to follow geisha life somewhat accurately, and Sayuri's narrative is vivid in description and writing devices. She speaks in similes and metaphors, and you can tell that her character embodies the idea of an entertainer, even in her fictitious memoirs.

And yes, Sayuri is fictitious, even though much of her life is based on real life events and career choices of actual geisha.

The book spans Sayuri's early childhood, when she was known as Chiyo, and spends a great portion of the book describing her years when she first became a geisha, right before Japan was attacked by Allied Forces in WWII. A small bit of the book describes her life immediately afterwards before doing a quick recap of her life from that point until present. I would classify this as a book for those interested in romance and historical fiction as romance plays a key role in the plot. This is also a novel about female gender roles, a women's world, which can make it less appealing to those who do not find that subject matter particularly intriguing.

The book never directly deals with misogyny, classism, racism, and other big issues that were obviously abundant during this time which is often criticized. However, in historical context and the narrative, it would be highly inappropriate for Sayuri to ever outright address those issues, and I feel her passing commentary on the issues themselves is telling enough on how she feels about being a geisha and the life of women in 1930's Japan. Of course, critics point out that the book is written by a man, which is a valid point, take that as you will.

The book was also made into a movie, which was splendid eye candy and had its own host of controversies, but did not do the story justice. Figures.

May 24, 2010

30 Days: Day 3 - Favorite Show

I realize that I'm going to sound like a child if I keep being completely honest with my favorite faves. Oh well, at least I'm honest. I can't be faulted for that, right?

Another bit of honesty, I don't watch a lot of TV. Well, not anymore. This is mostly due to not having cable, but after I grew out of waking up early on Saturday morning for cartoons, I never felt the need to watch Must See TV. I watch my shows when I want to, dammit, not when TV Guide says. This is why streaming has become a blessing for me because as much as I love How I Met Your Mother, if I want to go out on a Monday night, I refuse to feel torn between watching Barney be awesome and potentially having my own HIMYM night out in Seattle. I prefer living over watching someone else live out their life.

Anyway, so yes, How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite TV shows. So is Firefly. And Everwood. And The Powerpuff Girls, She-RA, and the Care Bears will always have a special place in my heart and on my shelf. However, my absolute favorite show, one that I willing watch any time it's on, is Boy Meets World.

Remember when I said I'm going to sound like a child? Right.

So it's continuity is shot, it's frequently over the top and unrealistic, and by the end of the series the show has jumped the shark and the characters have become caricatures of themselves. And yet every single episode is hilarious, every episode has some bit of truth that resonated with me growing up and still resonates with me now when I take trips down memory lane. Most importantly, it has MR. FEENY.

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from George Feeny. I even own the t-shirt.

There isn't much more I can say in order to describe why I irrationally love this show so much. Why the finale made me cry long after it ended. So here's a clip of some of the funnier moments of the seven seasons the show aired. ENJOY.

May 23, 2010

30 Days: Day 2 - Favorite Movie

My favorite movie, without a doubt, is The Lion King. Sure, I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spaceballs, Howl's Moving Castle, and Sherk. I absolutely adore Jurassic Park. And I'm sure sometime in the future I will find another movie that has charmed me as much as WALL-E in order to add to my very short list of favorites out the 1000+ movies I've seen, but The Lion King will always be at the top.

 And then God showered light down from the heavens
and consumed all of Africa by Summoning Bigger Lion.

In the sixth month of 1994, Disney released it's 32nd animated feature, and Mufasa said, "This was good." Four years later Disney made a sequel, and Mufasa said, "Oh ell no." But that's less important because we're talking about THE LION KING. They used the opening musical number for their trailer, and people all around the world were peeing their pants because those few minutes were enough to show how awesome this movie was going to be. Forget explaining the plot, advertising Big Name Actors and a Big Name Musician, or combining all the good bits in one spoiler package-- the trailer didn't need that. The art, the music, and how these elements combined was enough to captivate and enthuse my wee little self sixteen years ago.

For those of you who somehow don't know about The Lion King despite it's fame, let me break it down for you. Darth Mufasa promises his entire kingdom of the African Savanna to his son, Simba. Or Kimba. Or Jimba TT if I'm going to go with the bad naming joke. Anyway, Darth M's brother is annoyed and kills him and convinces JTT that it's his fault, so JTT runs away and everyone thinks he's dead. So brother takes over and kills everything. Meanwhile, JTT has become a Man and befriended his dinner, a pig and a weasel cat. Eventually a hot lioness and monkey persuade JTT to return, he defeats his uncle, and then casts curaja with a might roar. It's Disney's version of Hamlet, to put it simply, but without Simba becoming crazypants like his father's younger Star Wars self and murdering everyone.

Most people criticize how closely it resembles Kimba the White Lion, a crappy Janime from 1960, and by closely resembles is that Kimba leaves his home and then returns later to save it. And his name is like "Simba." Oh yeah, totally the same story...if you completely ignore the fact that it involves human interference, environmentalism, and that sort of thing. But I'm talking about the finish product, pre-production of The Lion King was a bit different.

But The Lion King is basically everything I want from a movie, and the fact that it's animated proves the absolute power this film possess. Mufasa's death sparked some controversy, and I attribute that more to the ability the film had to connect to the audience on an emotional level. Manipulative? Perhaps, but that was the intent, the entire purpose of that scene, and we all fell into it without question because we were all so engrossed by this story of animated lions that we forgot they were lions. We forgot they were animated. We forgot it wasn't real, and yet we felt something very real.

Ignoring the sequels, this was properly followed up by the Big Damn Musical on Broadway that I was fortunate enough to see when they did their tour through Seattle last year. The movie is completely deserving, and the musical also deserving of the praise it has received thus far. I highly encourage everyone to see this!

May 22, 2010

30 Days: Day 1 - Favorite Song

The 30 days meme has been circling around for years, though I've never done it before. As I tend to not blog very frequently, I thought this would be a good way to get me into the habit. So day one is, as you can see, favorite song.

Well, that's difficult. I have a whole playlist dedicated to my absolute favorite songs, and it's always growing. I suppose I'll always have a soft spot for the following:

Sometimes I'm Rick Rolled at work as my coworkers like to fight over the radio and, at some point, end up on the 80's station. I usually end up dancing at my desk without realizing it. Though, last week I was kind of Rick Rolled, only not really. It took me a while to figure out it was this song:

The actual music video doesn't allow embedding, but it's worth watching. Anyway, I think I might like this song better. I downloaded the entire album for the hell of it and periodically play it when I have people in the car. Cue awesome.

Okay, let's try this again with a little honestly. Bellow is a list of my current favorite songs and the appropriate YouTube video to go with them. I promise that none of them are Rick Astley. Well, I tried not to, anyway. I'll also warn you that I like crappy music.

Blue Train - Asian Kung Fu Generation
Clone - Last Alliance (ignore the crappy video game images in the video)
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Let It Rain - Ok Go
Thinking 'Bout Somethin' - Hanson
About A Girl - The Academy Is...

May 16, 2010

Nom Nom - Rotini pasta with cream sauce and fresh spinach.

I like to cook and bake, and fortunately I'm not half bad at it. I've given up on being hush-hush about it since everyone who knows me found out about this within the last year, so now I'm a slave to the guys and girls in my life whose only accomplishment in the kitchen is starting a fire. In the mean time I thought I'd try to turn this into a benefit for the rest of you out there in internet land, especially you nerds out to impress your girlfriends (or maybe boyfriends).

When I cook, I typically like it to be fast a simple since I normally get home at 7:30pm from work and am just generally lazy. For the most part the dishes I share will be of that variety, but we're not talking Top Ramen fast and simple, k? Also, most importantly when it comes to cooking, once you learn a recipe, don't be afraid to improvise with it!

Rainbow Rotini with a Cream Sauce and Fresh Spinach

How I made it:

April 14, 2010

That's Shady! - A brief look at finding employment on Craigslist.

It's kind of a given that postings on Craigslist have a chance of being super sketch, even though the jobs section is frequented by many big name companies. The best listings are ones that actually name their company, or at least what their company does. Unfortunately these types of listings are few as employers tend to give the bare minimum knowing full well that us hungry job seekers will apply for anything that sounds marginally plausible. This has led me to my recent email conversation with such an employer, one that I have completely written off as TRAP!

1. Lack of concrete information in posting. Like I mentioned previously, this particular listing presented what they were looking for and benefits, nothing else. This normally isn't a problem with me because I typically ask for more information about the company once they decide to contact me. Unfortunately whoever was behind this email address was being rather tight lipped about the entire affair.

2. Email address. Which leads me to the email address itself. It's nice when companies provide emails to their HR division, but also completely understandable when they opt for Craigslist address instead. However, what's odd is when I company chooses AOL for emailing purposes. Even better when a quick Google search reveals the same address is used to post listings for positions in Colorado. This really can't be that big of a company if they're using AOL, so what's going on with Colorado?

3. Interviews through Yahoo messenger. Oh yeah, you read that right. They decided that due to the high volume of applications they would be conducting interviews through Yahoo messenger since phone calls take too long. You know, I feel phone interviews are about as impersonal as you can get, but at least you can get a sense of presence and tone through articulation...which is nearly void in electronic communication. Plus, Yahoo messenger? Really?

4. Dictation of interview date. In all interviews I have partaken in, normally the company gives you a time frame in which you can set up an interview with them as not to conflict with your schedule. Instead, I was instructed that I would be interviewed at this date, between these times, and not to contact them any sooner than that.

5. Incomprehensible emails. I imagine interviews through Yahoo messenger will be difficult for them as I found it hard to understand exactly what they were trying to tell me with each progressive email that sequentially dropped important components of communication. Like complete sentences, punctuation, spell checking, and specific grammatical conventions like how to write out time. Eventually this all accumulated in a final email from them, one I'm not even sure how to respond to, or if I should even bother. After I asked if it would be possible to reschedule since the date they had dictated did not work for me at all, I was emailed back with one word: booked. But without the period since this person had lost all comprehension of punctuation a few emails back.

Does that mean they're booked this week and I should ask for a different date? That they've already filled the position? Maybe something was Shepard Book-ed? I'm curious to find out, but I have a feeling the next email I receive from them will contain all of the missing grammar from their previous emails.

April 3, 2010

The FINAL Fantasy...the fourth version. Part 1

Final Fantasy IV is actually my favorite from the franchise to date despite all of its absolute absurdness. I never had the pleasure of playing the original US release, so perhaps I don't have a firm grasp on just how absurd it can be (though I can't say I'm disappointed by that), but I thoroughly enjoyed my fan translated ROM. When the remake hit the DS, I had to buy it and about twenty minutes in I went "ARG" at Cecil and Kain dying unceremoniously and the last twenty minutes lost to lack of saving.

Yeah, I know, it's Final Fantasy, I should know better than to not save every five minutes blahblahblah.

That was months ago, just recently I've gotten over irritation enough to start again. I'm just about to go rescue Rosa until I got thwarted by the Tower of Zot, so I thought now would be as good as time as any to write about the remake thus far and what I love about the forth installment in general.