September 8, 2010

PAX Prime 2010 - The Finer Points

Yes, I most certainly went to PAX Prime this last weekend and slept very little, but had a damn good time. Normally I'd write some kind of wrap up entry with pictures, videos, and so forth, but if you haven't found them already, chances are you'll never find them here as I've resigned to the fact that my blog isn't popular outside of in my mind. I did want to hit a few key points, though.

-Paul and Storm are still amazing. I'm still baffled as to why they're stuck as an "opening band" as they easily steal the show and make it so very hard for Jonathan Coulton to meet and exceed their energy and stage presence. Did I mention they're amazing? Because they're amazing.

-Kirby's Epic Yarn is also amazing. It's super fun and it really is amazing graphically. I'm not sure if it was just the setup at the Nintendo booth, but you'd never know that it was playing on a system notorious for low graphic capabilities. The image was sharp, smooth, and not a hint of pixel in sight. My friends and I were comparing this with Metroid M that was released recently, and while we agree that Metroid M is certainly towards the end of nice looking Wii games, Kirby's Epic Yarn is miles above it. Frankly, it's miles above anything I've seen on the Wii.

Okay, okay, graphics aren't that important, the gameplay is nice and a lot of fun, and just the fact that it has comparable graphics to 360 and PS3 titles just makes it a delicious little addition to my Wii library. It has collecting aspect to the gameplay, and anyone who has seen me play a Lego game knows I LOVE collecting crap.

-Raskulls is super fun. I played it a few times since it was usually fairly quiet around their booth, which is unfortunate because it really is a very fun multiplayer game. I highly suggest checking it out when it's released this month. One of the developers mentioned it was to come out this week? I haven't seen it on there yet, so who knows. It's a very colorful platformer that has a lot of Mr. Driller type of gameplay incorporated in to it. God do I love Mr. Driller.

-I've been playing Lego Universe Beta lately. So far it's fun, not quite what I was expecting, and really capitalizes on my adoration of Lego games.

-A word of advice to panelists, I didn't wait in line for an hour to listen to you, uhhhhm, verbalize, uhhhm, trying to think, uhhhm. I'm looking at you, Bungie.

-A big thumbs up to putting Magic cards in the swag bags. They came in handy quite a bit. I have the red goblin deck that I could never get to start very fast, but oh well.

-It is really not a good idea to rent a venue several blocks away from the main convention site. Many people who attended PAX may not know this, but the Symphony hall is basically two station stops away from the convention center using the bus tunnel. When the city of Seattle decides that the transit system needs two stops between the convention center and Benaroya Hall (on it's 5 stop tunnel system that covers 3 neighborhoods), that may be an indication that the venue is too far away. It isn't so much a having to walk issue, but more that it's time wasted in transit. Plus space is rather limited in comparison to last year, and that's always disappointing since the larger events were held at that hall this year.

-It is very important that YOU BATHE PROPERLY. WITH SOAP. AND WEAR DEODORANT. I know that in these very hard and financially trying times of the recession that it's difficult to justify spending good money on soap, money that could be spent on a rare DND figure, but I hate you. I also hate you if you're expending bodily gases in the Expo hall and on the escalators and stairwells. There's a reason why they gave us shampoo in our swag bags this year, MMKAY?

-I hope Double Rainbow never goes away.

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