September 13, 2010

Reaching for $20

I'm fairly certain you can still preorder Halo: Reach from Amazon and get the $20 off your next game purchase promo. Do I need to mention this is a sweet deal, especially with Kirby's Epic Yarn coming out in a month? No, I don't.

But it is a sweet deal.

Plus the promo for Amazon Prime is going on. One month free trail for unlimited free 2 day shipping (1 year free trail if you're on Amazon Student).

And because I can, in other gamer related news I finally finished Tales of Vesperia and love making Karol dress as a stupid looking frog. Also that Rita set his head on fire. I also played so much poker that I have some really nice 10% TP and HP recovery bracelets for Yuri and Judith and finally have the damn sword with Glory. Labyrinth of Memories is going to be so much fun.


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