November 15, 2010

Where MMOmbies eat me alive.

League of Legends. This game is soul sucking.

It's free. It's basically PvP with some tower defense thrown in for good measure. And it looks nice.

If you're waiting for the catch, the catch is that it rotates it's free characters to play every week. In order to keep a character permanently, you need to buy them. BUT you can buy them earning in game currency, which is done by completing a round. I easily bought my beautiful 3150 point Morgana in about a week.

That means I probably don't have a life. Whatever.

I was introduced to this lovely time wasting game by vigorous screaming and hooting by several of my friends hunched around computering devices, the glow of screens illuminating their pale complexions. Of course, some of these feral noises transpired through Skype. It was quite the experience, listening to in game taunting and bright flashes of light as nerds screeched over the sound of their champions dying.

I just knew I had to play this game.

The downside to being the girl who doesn't care about winning playing with boys who only care about winning is that it's hard to find time to play with them, namely because I'm a handicap to their winning. My 11/0/17 score tells them to suck it. Because I scored that, I think this game certainly has a champion for every playing type, I know I certainly found mind (super grieving mage ftw).

The down side to LoL? I've been reduced to WoW type rambling, and it feels so dirty. I avoided WoW, mostly because I'm cheap, and maybe I'm a bit of a snob since, you know, WoW is the ruiner of lives and such. Almost like how New Super Mario Bros. is the leading cause of divorce.

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