May 28, 2010

30 Days: Day 7 - A photo that makes you happy.

I love taking pictures. Mostly stupid pictures, but pictures nonetheless. I have many photos that make me happy, so it's hard for me to pin it down to just I thought I'd post a few of my favorites and why. ENJOY.

BABs meet for the first time for a wedding.

Back in the year 2000 I stumbled upon the Anime Board thanks to one of my friends in middle school. People have this negative notion about online relationships and the people that forge them, and you know, I can't fault them for that. There's a very good reason why that notion exists. Fortunately, my negative experience with online friendships is slim, and this group is a living testament to how online relationship can be real, healthy ones. One of us got married last year, and for the first time in our ten year history, we all met up at the same place and the same time to celebrate.

These people are real and true friends. I have loads of friends here and around Washington that I see and speak to on a regular basis, but the BABs are irreplaceable just like any good friend should be.

Han Solo visits the Bier Stube!

And these are some of my Seattle friends (some of them I went to high school with)! We took Han Solo to a bar! It was one of the best nights ever and I actually made prints of all these images because I loved it so much.

Hanson - The Walk Tour 2008 at The Moore

Yeah, that's Hanson. I'm sure some of you are hitting your back button and intend to never come back here again after finding out I'm a Hanson fan. I'm not going to defend myself because that's silly, everyone is allowed to like what they do (though I do encourage you to listen to their latest single if you like retro pop tunes mixed with a big band sound-- they're not who they used to be), but I will say they've been my favorite band since 1996 and 2008 was the first time I ever got to see them in concert. Ever. It's lame that it took me so long and I hope I get to see them at least one more time, especially since their new album sounds fantastic so far.

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