August 22, 2010

It's morphin' time!

I'm fairly honest about the fact that I love the Power Rangers. I say honest because I don't deny it, but only fairly because I'll never tell if no one asks. Considering that I'm 24, I feel that's a good policy to live by. Anyway, I decided to share this little tidbit about myself because I recently came across Linkara's wonderful season by season video review of the series. He has them indexed on That Guy With the Glasses and the latest review, which is for Time Force, is currently up on his blog.

I also decided to share said tidbit since I have yet to give out any concrete information about my identity, so my shame is safely untapped. :D Also because I wanted to share that I bought an action figure of Zordon. Yes, there is an action figure of a FLOATING HEAD. And maybe also because I feel compelled to write an entry some day geeking out about colored spandex.

Since I'm on the subject of super heroes, I want to give a shout out to two fairly well known websites, so my shout outs are probably unnecessary, but it's my blog so whatever. Project Rooftop (a spoof on Project Runway, which is how I found said blog as I love PR) focuses on super hero fashion and Girl Wonder concerns feminism in comics. I rather enjoyed their website dedicated to Super Girl.

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