June 21, 2009

A girl and her dead blog.

The most amazing thing about blogging is how difficult it is.

I'm not new to the internet, I've been using it since the age of twelve. I transitioned smoothly into geek culture and know a thing or two about writing on the internets. This is why, back in November, I thought I could handle a blog.

Goodness was I wrong.

I have a number of entries waiting to be finished; long, humorous entries filled with photoshops, but that's just it, they need to be finished. In the mean time, I can't seem to think of any small entries worth posting. So I thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm CS, I'm in my twenties, a recent grad of the University of Washington, a huge nerd, loves a good party, and, oh yeah, I'm a girl. I'm ethnically Korean, but my heritage is American, which proves to be hilarious living in a city that's Asian conscious. It's comforting to know that Seattle can be accommodating for other cultures, but I'm not one of those Asians. In fact, I enjoy clomping up behind Asians because I'm much taller than most of them, and their slow turn of horror is reminiscent of Japan's greatest export, Godzilla.

Clearly I'm a very considerate person.

My intent with this blog is to document my entertainment pleasures and life in Seattle. Between goofy entries about Ninja Turtles and lightsaber battles, I want to throw in some decent reviews from movies to video games and beyond. As I moved to Seattle only two years ago, I'm still experiencing many places and mustdo's in Seattle for the first time and want to document that here. I hope you'll stay with me for the ride.