May 27, 2010

30 Days: Day 6 - Whatever I want!

Today I get to write about whatever I want, YAY~ Except not really because I have no idea what I really want to use this one precious entry for. I could do something meaningful, like discuss whether or not video games are art per Ebert's declaration that they're not. I could write about how excited I am for PAX. I could give a bad review to Shrek Forever After, or an awesome review for Obasan, a local Japanese restaurant in lower Queen Anne (seriously, awesome). I could talk about my addiction to spider solitaire, why I hate my job, and the stupid things people say to me while at work.

I'd probably lose my job for that, though, so I'll save that for another time.

What I think I'll do, though, is post a series of MS Paint drawings I had done for my friend during our various conversations over GTalk while at work. For context, she's identified as a cow in our group of friends, and I a bunny. It's a long story that's not funny, so I won't waste your time explaining it here, other than the animals are in no way a representation of physical selves or any other part of our character.

I think it also goes without saying that the pictures directly correlate to whatever we were conversing about at the time, and I've put them in chronological order.

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