July 17, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 18: Your pick!

Alright, since this is a My Choice for Great Justice day, I decided to write about Inception, the latest summer thriller everyone has been buzzing about this week-- and for good reason. It was a great watch. I went to the 1am IMAX showing at Northgate last night (prefunked with some delicious Beth's) and was so glad I did.
Non-spoilerly bits:

-The movie is labeled as a thriller/mystery/mind bender-- it isn't. Unless you aren't paying attention, which you should as it's that kind of movie, everything is neatly explained in a very forward manner, and this continues throughout the rest of the movie until the heist aspect of the movie begins. This certainly isn't a bad thing, not at all, because the story was so strong that I didn't care about the predictability of it. It's refreshing to watch such a movie that doesn't rely on plot twists to be engaging, but on what matters most, the characters and the story.

-Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my new favorite thing. Like any squeeful woman, I went on whims placing Chris Pine and Ryan Reynolds in the same category shortly after Star Trek and X-Men: Wolverine came out, but JGL is different. Okay, yeah, I do find him ridiculously cute, but guy can act. I knew this beforehand, but this was the first time I've seen him portray a character that wasn't quirky, or boyish, or any other label currently reserved for Michael Cerra. No, this JGL is a kick ass man. Like Crispin Glover, but with an All-American boyish look than makes him an unassuming threat upon first appearance.

If JGL has anything near resembling Arthur's sense of humor and bit of suavity, you can come invade my dreams any night!

-This isn't directly related to the movie itself, but all the previews attached to my showing were awesome. HP7, I'M TOTES EXCITED FOR YOU.

Spoilerly bits:
-Okay, the ending: I personally would like it that Cobb ended up with his children, HOWEVER, given that 1) his kids never aged beyond his memory upon meeting the, 2) kids also never changed their clothes, and 3) the idea of the totem was his wife's, not his, means that all of this could have been a dream. He could have dreamed up his perfect woman, which would make any of her ideas a dream, therefore making the totem an unnecessary item that only he placed worth on, and subsequently convinced others to do the same, which is why it doesn't matter if it falls or not.

What I find most indicative is the kids, though, as children change tremendously over very little time, and a year is sufficient enough for some notable changes to occur.

I think Cobb is the subject and his father is the invader, or perhaps Mal is a real person and she is the invader, and when she left Cobb's dream by "committing suicide," he created a shade of her.

OR Mal really is his wife, she really did die, and he lives through his dreams regretting that they never grew old together and was unable to properly care for their children. The guilt being so unbearable that it even penetrated his dream state, specifically the level he considered to be reality. I'm also not opposed to the idea of Page's character being his real daughter trying to pull him from the dream world.

In my happy world, though, Cobb has his children and Arthur and Ellen Page's character are a couple. SHIPPING IS SUPER IMPORTANT, OKAY.

The best thing about this is the sheer number of ways the ending can be interpreted. I'm betting there's going to be some delish flamewars erupting all over the net because of it.

-JGL kicking ass and taking names throughout the entire movie, especially during the second level where gravity became an issue, was one of my favorite parts of the movie. The sequence I mentioned could easily be my favorite scene, and probably helped fuel my new love for the actor.

-I actually really enjoyed watching Cillian Murphey portray a vulnerable, gullible, and troubled young man as he's normally something twisted, slightly sinister, but still seems to have that candid personality. It's not a question of whether or not he was capable of doing so, but just nice to see. Really miss his little Crane specs, though.

-Limbo is weird. It always resembles Cobb's limbo. Even when Saito enters limbo and Cobb washes up on his beach, I don't know, it still felt more like Cobb's limbo than Saito's...unless everyone starts out on the beach? Since everything is from Cobb's perspective, I'm hesitant to think anything in this movie, especially in the dream state, isn't colored by him in some way.

-So when I have dreams about Power Rangers, I'm going to forever think from this point on that Rita and Lord Zed are some evil guys trying to implant ideas into my mind. :(

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