October 17, 2010

Cookies for Breakfast

My twin told me I have the worst eating habits and that my cravings are weird. Weird, but delicious. She recently spent some time explaining to her step brother why Flaming Hot Cheetos need to be eaten with pieces of bagel (a staple of my high school diet), to which he earnestly replied, "Uhh...why not just eat the Cheetos without the bagel...?"

She very matter of factly told him, channeling my fourteen year old self, "Wrapping the bagel around the Cheeto keeps it from turning your fingers red."

It also deadens the intensity of the heat, but for some reason that seems much less reasonable than the Red Finger argument.

I also love spaghetti sandwiches, it's basically just like eating spaghetti anyway, only the pasta is wedged between two slices of bread (bonus points if it's garlic) instead of being garnished with bread. I put brown sugar in my chili, lessen the amount of butter in my chocolate chip cookies so they have the consistency of cake, and will only eat eggs with Tabasco and ketchup. I like bacon on maple bars (actually, I just like bacon, period), syrup on my eggs if I'm eating them with pancakes, and usually cook stuffing with some kind of fruit, dried or fresh (my favorite is fresh nectarines). Speaking of fruit, I love pineapple on my peperoni pizza, screw Canadian bacon!

And right now I'm eating cookies for breakfast.

I've also craved all of the following at the same time: phad thai, pho, fried rice, top ramen, Indian food, garlic fries, Tim's jalapeno potato chips, and cheese.

I mentioned that list on my Facebook once, and I got several replies asking how my pregnancy is going. It's been over a year now and I think it's still going well. I plan on birthing Unicorn Raptor sometime in the near future, already have his room set up and everything.

For years I didn't think I ate very differently from everyone else, and I've often accused others of eating outlandish concoctions. It wasn't until I moved to Seattle and made friends with people who were not used to my eating habits at all did I finally realize that I eat odd things (mainly because they made it a point to yell about it every time it happened). I also realized that I don't eat very differently from everyone else considering that we all eat something (or several things) odd.

Just don't bring shrimp chips when you go fishing, okay? Your white friends won't appreciate the fishy waft coming from your bag and not at the end of their fishing line.

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