October 23, 2010

You would be funny if you lit yourself on fire.

This seems to happen quite a bit to people in service jobs, so I'm just going to lay it out here in my blog, because I can. Because I'm annoyed and uncomfortable, and pissed off that customers think it's some kind of game to see how uncomfortable they can make me since they know I'm not allowed to be less than polite.

MY JOB IS NOT A GAME, and I don't appreciate you treating it as if it's a joke. As if I don't need it to live, so if I blow up at you due to your inappropriate behavior, I will be punished for it and not you. And you think that's so funny.

Your jokes at my expense are not: Cute, clever, interesting, and will never be funny. Ever. They certainly make you an asshole, though.

And it certianly isn't MY FAULT that you now feel uncomfortable and like a jackass when I don't laugh at you MOCKING ME.

There are appropriate ways to interact with people in customer service, insinuating that they are somehow stupid in any way for performing their job, asking them uncomfortable questions, and ridiculing them for taking their job seriously IS NOT appropriate. If you're competent enough to understand what you're doing is rude, and I know you do as you and your little friends are giggling, why don't you understand that it makes you worse then all the stupid customers we get combined? Because we know you know better, and it makes it just that much more frustrating and potentially ruins our day.

Thanks for that, really, I hope you're pleased with yourself. I'm sure you absolutely LOVE IT when someone comes in and makes your work day just that more difficult because they think it's funny.

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