July 31, 2009

All your free times are belonging to Miyamoto.

Are you still a gamer when you lack the time to play video games anymore?

I've been asking myself this lately during my times between two jobs and the necessities of sleep. I've been itching to play all this week, but I simply haven't had the time. I still read up on gaming websites, glee about upcoming release dates, sift through Amazon seeing if I can afford a few games I do not have in my collection yet, and have already procured tickets and taken off time for PAX.

All of this time invested in gaming and I still haven't played anything apart from Free Cell on my iPod during my 10 minute break this entire week. In fact, my lovely DS has been packed up inside of my suitcase since the beginning of June when I visited my parents for a few days. That was the last time I actually sat down with it, and I love it in all its white glory that I bought shortly after the Lites were first introduced. The DS is my favorite child out of all my gaming items, and its been abandoned in a suitcase for months.

The last time I used my Wii was also in June when my roommates and I were looking for a Brawl fest. The last time I used my PS2 was to play a movie. I actually have used my PC for gaming lately, but even then it's for Heroes of Might and Magic V and The Sims 2. I wouldn't call those games very epic or involved (though I do think that point is debatable concerning my Sims 2 neighborhood, which is a mash of Harry Potter, Firefly, and Sailor Moon characters...and maybe a random elf that pimps himself out. Harry kissing Simon Tam has created a whole host of irreversible ramifications, not to mention that Kaylee is heartbroken because, even though Harry is off pimping himself, Simon is utterly devoted to him. This upsets Ginny).

Point being, I haven't played anything substantial. I've even bought more games during this two month time where I haven't played anything. On top of that, I have a large backlist of games I own but I haven't played or finished. The gaming industry has effectively screwed over my conscious and free time because I actually feel guilt for not playing and not finishing anything within a few months. I'm fairly certain I've been playing Kingdom Hearts (yes, the FIRST one) for three years. Three years. Though at this point I think the game itself may have partial blame because taking so long to finish it may say something about its quality. Never mind that I have KHII sitting on my shelf, eagerly waiting like the orphaned child I salvaged from a clearance sale at Target over a year ago for its turn of attention and affection.

On top of that, I have plenty of good games I need to finish or play before I even feel like moving back to Kingdom Hearts, and the minute the new Edgeworth game comes out, or a new Fire Emblem, or when I finally buy myself a X360 with all the oodles of games I want just for that system, KHII may have already grown up and moved out of the house by then.

Or not. This is a Disney and Squeenix game we're talking about.

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