January 24, 2011

When dependability is no longer dependable.

Kilt Guy wears kilts. Every day Kilt Guy wanders around the office building doing whatever Kilt Guy does while wearing a gray kilt. I have a suspicion that he wears the same kilt, or owns five to ten of the same kilt design, but without fail, Kilt Guy wears a kilt. It's a constant, it's how you know everything is right in the world. You could use Kilt Guy wearing a kilt as undeniable proof that you're correct forever as long as you asserted that Kilt Guy wears a kilt.

Until today, anyway.

Today, Kilt Guy wore jeans. And the world mourned.

Well, not for me, personally, as kilts just aren't my thing. Every day I would think to myself, "Geez, Kilt Guy, ever thought of jeans?" Day after day, week after week, month after month, always the same thought as Kilt Guy wandered about the building unawares of my private war with his garments...and then, low and behold, my mental waring paid off!

And what did I think to myself? "WTF, KILT GUY? TREACHERY IS AFOOT!"

Clearly his unconscious appeasing of my fashion standards also crossed my line of betrayal, so tomorrow we'll see if he returns to the kilt or not.

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