September 7, 2009

The Rabbit at PAX: Picture Blog

Here's a few pictures I took over the three days of Penny Arcade Expo madness when I remembered I had a camera. I need a little bit more time to write about the panels I went to, the games and activities I played, and a little n00b guide for first timers next year, so hopefully these pictures along with the videos will be sufficient for now.

Friday morning lineup that wrapped all around the central park/garden area of the convention center.

I may have squeed a bit when I saw this giant wall of Edgykins next to a few mounted DSes featuring his game. Am beyond excited for this game, more on that later.

Mega64 guys at their panel. I wanted to note that this was the start of the constant cock chattering I heard all weekend. Knowing that Shawn's penis is shaped like a jet will always have a special place in my heart.

The nerditude even permeated the bathrooms. The game mentioned is No More Heroes 2.

CONSOLE FREEPLAY YAAAAAY. It was fairly empty on Friday.

One of the tabletop gaming rooms. There were several of these on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Inconspicuous tapeage.

People actually using Pictochat-- when it wasn't crashing every ten seconds, anyway.

DS Gamers World Record, hold 'em high!

My and my friend's contribution. Can you figure out what games we're playing?

An example of the beach ball mayhem constantly happening in the queue room. On Sunday in the Omegathon Final line, this also included a giant game of Frisbee involving shirts. The queue ceiling won.


Bucking hell horse.

Jerry/Tycho's typed out text for Monday's comic.

In progress!

Mike/Gabe making fun of Jerry/Tycho when he finally made it to the panel.

The beginning of the Hot Dog Fairy.

Om nom nom color.

Old Republic panel on Saturday!

The queue room on Sunday's morning lineup. It was fairly close to 10am when I snapped this.

Entrance to the main exhibition hall.

Spider-man dancing. Unfortunately he did not win.

The chalk drawing that took all weekend to complete. It was found outside of the queue and main halls.

Next year I will need to take more pictures, or hire someone to take them for me.

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