August 24, 2009

I Are Reviews: Kigurumikku - Episode 1

I don't know very much about Kigurumikku at all, I tried to look up information about it, but didn't have any luck. Not that it matters much because the series is hilarious enough as it is. However, the intro might make more sense if I did know-- anyway!

I started watching Kigurumikku because I thought it was a Magical Girl show (three little girls with stuffed birds that they put on and fight evil with-- HOW IS THAT NOT MAGICAL GIRL?), but it turns out that's not quite what it is. In actuality, it's a big spoof on Sentai and the superhero genre. *faceinhands*

CURSE YOU, JAPAN. It's like the show was made specially for me. HOW DARE YOU FIND OUT MY WEAKNESSES. ;-;

1. Booming narrator voice announcing the heroics that occurred during the non-existent previous episode.
2. Very heroic 70's style music.
3. Fighting poses. Over ice cream. And anything else, really.
4. Hyperactive, oblivious heroine hellbent on whatever heroic justice thing they're usually obliviously hellbent on.
5. Ride bikes furiously to their mission! WHILE SINGING THEIR THEME SONG.
7. Ridiculous transformation sequence.
8. Fight a ridiculous monster of the day (in this case, the monster is based off of a chocolate cream horn).
9. Long speeches about heroics and justice and empathy that outs one of the characters as being a complete loser.
10. A heroic kick full of justice as the final blow!
11. A teaser for the next episode.

1. Tween girls with color coordinating outfits.
2. A talking plush swan that looks more like a duck.
4. Swan-duck familiar is hinted to be from another planet.
5. Henshin sequence activated by saying "Kigurumi Equip!" putting on all the different outfit pieces, and finishing with "Service Done!"

I'm sure you can guess all the spoof like elements and jokes of the series already. One I did leave out, though, is that during the fight scene, Kigurumikku-Swan addresses the all important question of what do super heroes do when they have to pee during battle?

The first episode is only about 12 minutes long (I believe it's an OAV series?) and consists of Azuki, Kigurumikku-Swan, and Mut, Kigurumikku-Falcon, going to an Okinawan grocer for special ice cream because Azuki ate all of Mut's mother's ice cream. Meanwhile Mut's sister, Nanami, repairs Miruku (the swan-duck thing) and eventually starts coming up with crazy theories about Miruku origins and beats him into telling the truth.

After picking up the ice cream, Chococrone attacks a nearby park. Azuki faces him, summoning a badly hurt Miruku (and Nanami who was holding Miruku at the time) in order to transform. Kigurumikku-Swan attempts to shame Chococrone into submission by asking why he didn't feel sorry for Nanami having 30 boyfriends and being rejected by all of them, effectively embarrassing her in front of the large crown that has gathered. Swan harness the feelings of pity from the crowd in order to deliver her finishing move and destroys Chococrone.

Meanwhile Nanami is beside herself in rage.

And somewhere in a dark place, the OMINOUS VILLAIN Generalissimo X blows up the Okinawan grocer Azuki and Mut had visited.

So how do I feel about this series? I ADORE IT. It's just too ridiculous for me to NOT love! I'm excited to see if Falcon ups Swan in the next episode, her introductory episode, since Mut seems more capable than Azuki.

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