February 12, 2011

Pioneer Square Eatery

I probably shouldn't say this, but I work in Pioneer Square. I have a feeling that there's perhaps a few things in my blog (and maybe in the future) that could be...compromising, but whatever, I want to talk about food.

Specifically, lunch.

Admittingly, I eat at work 90% of the time because they give me free food. Who can pass up free food? But some days, those rare 10% days, when either I have a wild craving or the kitchen is too slammed to meet my hunger needs, I roam the streets of Pioneer Square looking to shove something into my face. And thus, my list of food establishments was born.

This is no means a complete list and I'll probably have to do a follow up post in the future. I have yet to go to Tat's and, really, venture beyond a block radius of Pioneer Square Triangle Park, but if you're down here in the area, let me tell you what to get, what to miss, and what's passable if you're starving.

Major Chains

Well hey, maybe you don't want something new, maybe you just want to stick with something familiar in an unfamiliar place. I get that, and fortunately, this area can meets your needs. If you like sandwiches and coffee.

In Pioneer Square you will find: Subway, Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Taco Del Mar, and Jimmy John's. I haven't had a problem with any of these shops (well, except for Jimmy John's as I haven't gone in). The staff has been friendly and welcoming enough.

Local Fair

Julie's Garden: Standard Asian fair with Julie usually at the restaurant herself. I've only had the beef phad thai and it was pretty meh. But the staff is really nice and they're quick, so I wouldn't mind going back and trying something else off the menu.

Pho Ha: The pho here is awful, don't bother. The broth is watery and toppings are skimped, plus it's just slow. They do offer other items, but with "pho" in the restaurant name, you'd think they'd be at least decent at that, so I'm hesitant to try anything else.

Thai Taste: Some days the phad thai is garlicky and yummy enough, other days it's really bland. Some days it's fast service, other days it's just painfully slow. Their better staff works on their busier days and, even though it is "busy," I suggest going during that time anyway as everything about the restaurant is better in quality versus their slow time.

Maharaja Cuisine of India: Definitely not great or even that good of Indian food, but with a really cheap, seven days a week buffet from 11am to 3pm and take out boxes are under $7, it's really hard NOT to eat here. Plus I like the hostess, she's really nice and remembers me, even if it's months between visits.

New Orleans Creole: I like this place, my dad adores it. Cheap and delicious lunch menu with the most hilarious older waitress I've met. At night they sometimes have live jazz music without a cover charge.

Tigs Asian Tapas Bar: This place also has okay phad thai, but the floor and table tops were horrible sticky and the waitress never mentioned to me that they charge extra (a considerable extra) for take out boxes until after I had received my order and she rang me up. This is why I haven't returned.

Coco Banana: While the establishment looks really minimal and uninvitingly sterile, the employees are really nice and the smoothies are delicious. I got a banana smoothie and they put an ENTIRE large banana in it. The store mainly functions as a large salad bar. I've never had a salad from here, but the produce looks fresh, so I'm tempted to some day. The place is also very concerned about staying green, so you can feel better knowing that if you do use their products, it's recycled material. You can also bring in your own container instead of using one of theirs.

Cow Chip Cookies: I'm really particular about my cookies, but for those who like the really traditional chocolate chip, these are some of the best. Unfortunately, they are very expensive. Bonus if you can snag some right out of the oven.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: This place is expeeeeeeeensive, but offers some really delicious candy apples. I recommend anything that has the fluffy peanut butter stuff on it, OMGYUM.

Grand Central Bakery: Another pricey place, but everything I've had from here has been great, and I've been here several times. My favorite is still the carrot cake, but I bought a large German apple pound cake from here, and it was delicious. Also love their muffins, giant cinnamon rolls, tarts, and...yeah, I think you get the picture. They also serve coffee.

Cherry Street Coffee House: I came in here for a bagel, it was a delicious bagel. I don't drink coffee, so I don't know if their coffee is any good. I can say that some of the people who frequent here are the type that like to vocalize stupidity concerning politics. If you can't stand listing to extreme tree huggers of the liberal kind, I suggest purchasing your delicious and quickly exiting.
Pizza Pro: The owner is basically here every day and makes it his mission to remember every customer that enters his shop. The pizza is mostly thin and crispy, and good. This isn't cheap pizza and the price isn't super cheap either, it's definitely a tasty and worthwhile lunch place.

Mario's Pizza: The other pizza shop in the area, it's cheaper and you get more for your money, but the quality is lacking. I enjoy buying large amounts of garlic bread, which is why I go here on occasion. You can also purchase ice cream if you're so inclined.

The Berliner Doner Kebab: A restaurant supposedly about "German" sandwiches owned by someone clearly not German. The food is so-so and not really worth the price. They are a newer establishment, so hopefully they'll get better with time.

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They have really good sandwiches, that blow Subway right out of the water.